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In England Halloween was nicknamed, Nutcracker Night or Snap Apple Night. Families would sit before a great fire in the hearth, roasting nuts and eating apples. They told stories and played holiday games.

Nowadays in England children make "pumpkins" and they carry them through the streets and sing the Pumpkin Night Song. They knock on doors and ask for money.

In some parts of England Turnip Lanterns are placed on gateposts to protect homes from the spirits.

In parts of northern England, there is a traditional festival called Mischief Night on November 4th. During the celebration, children play tricks on adults.

Halloween celebrations in England started in the late twentieth century under the pressure of American cultural influence.

Bobbing for apples is a game associated with Halloween. In it, attempts are made with one's mouth only to catch an apple placed in a water-filled barrel. Once an apple is caught, it is sometimes peeled and tossed over the shoulder in the hope that the strips would fall into the shape of a letter, which would be the first initial of the participant's true love.

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